Bluebonnet Mastiffs

The home of the "Bluebonnet Mastiffs" kennel in North Texas



Spring 2009 - 

Bowie was the proverbial puppy that followed me home - literally.  On June 17, 2009, I was walking Nellie and Gumby on our four mile loop.  About half way around, this three month old black lab/shepherd mix joined up with us, cheerfully trying to keep up despite quickly tiring in the heat.  We attempted to locate his home, but no one would claim him.  We tried to adopt him out to people we knew, but no one would take him.  We quickly discovered his great contribution to our family - socializing and reconditioning the Mastiffs to tolerate the kind of "in your face" activity they find offensive in other dogs, so...  We kept him.

Bowie has great dog communication skills.  He reads the Mastiffs well and knows when they're playing and when they're serious.  He stimulates games of chase and tug-of-war that lead to hours of laughter in our house.  Just when the Mastiff thinks they've won, Bowie dodges between their legs, under their belly, or leaps over their back and is gone - usually with the desired toy in his mouth and the game is back on.


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