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Mollie - GCh Ch Wynwood's KS Yellow Rose Of Texas, TT


August 24, 2009 -

At the 2009 MCOA Specialty in Fontana, NC, I saw Spot (no, not spots but Spot), aka Ch Wynwoods BC Spot At The Top.  He first caught my eye when Denise Hyer brought her beautiful boy into the health clinic.  The rest of the week I watched him, evaluated him with a critical eye, and touched him whenever I got the chance.  I fell in love!

Then, in the puppy classes, I noticed Denise showing a pretty brindle bitch who moved liked a dream.  Shelby also caught my eye and when I learned from Denise that she was planning a breeding between Spot and Kizzy (Ch River's Edge Kismet of Wynwood), the mother of little Shelby, I knew I was interested in seeing how those puppies would turn out.  I wasn't disappointed and so began the journey of bringing Miss Mollie into our home and our lives.

I always swore I would never put a puppy on a plane.  I've had nightmares about the possiblities of disaster.  However, when it came time to plan the trip to pick Mollie up in Portland, Oregon, it was instantly obvious that it would be at least twice as expensive and twice the length of trip to drive to get her as it would be to fly.  So, fly I did.  On November 9, 2009, I boarded the plane with Mollie in tow.

I walked into the Portland airport carrying Mollie as much over my shoulder as in my arms.  She was a tanky girl weighing in somewhere around 28-30 lbs.  Somehow, perhaps because God smiled on me, I was able to convince the counter clerk that she was fine in the soft carry on crate and had plenty of room.  He grudgingly allowed me to go ahead and carry her on instead of having to put her in the usual kennel and check her with the luggage.  We proceeded through the security checkpoint without a hitch and went to the gate to wait.  Finally, I was boarded on the plane with Mollie safely established on the floor at my feet.  She rode there, throughout the four hour flight, completely content.  I opened the top of the end by her head (although I had been admonished by the clerk not to) and directed the air vent toward her.  She would occasionally stir from her puppy naps to look up at me as if to check if we were still "OK".  I would reassure her all was well and she would quietly go back to sleep

 When we arrived and exited the secure area, Phil was there to meet us.  Once we got out to the truck, I pulled Mollie out of her tight quarters to let her stretch her legs and eat and drink and potty.  I looked at Phil as he got his first look at the pretty little girl.  I knew it was love at first sight.

Over the coming days, Mollie quickly cemented her place in our lives and in our hearts.  In some ways, she reminded us a lot of Nellie and the sweet, easy going, well behaved puppy that she was when she came into our lives.  Mollie's arrival has brought great joy.

Mollie is a beautiful fawn with big bone, an ever broadening head and a nice chest.  She is solid as a rock with great muscle, stamina, and smooth movement, although a little lankier at a year than some girls.  She is sweet, well mannered, and curious with a solid good temperament.  As a  pup, it didn't take her long to figure out that in our house she would be a princess and to act accordingly.

Currently (1/2017), Mollie is a beautiful, gracious 7 yr old Matriarch.  Thank goodness for the longevity in Denise Hyer's Wynwood line because Mollie is active and playful and the key element of order and good temperament in the pack.  Mollie has grown into the most beautiful, amazing dog and best friend anyone could ask for and has more than proven her value as a show dog and a foundation bitch to a successful kennel.

I have thanked Denise Hyer repeatedly over the last seven plus years for this priceles gift she gave us in the form of Mollie.  We got everything we hoped for and then some.  We were confident that Denise bred solid mastiffs with appropriate temperaments.  What we didn't dare hope for was the invaluable gift Mollie's spotless temperament would be.  She is a joy to take anywhere.  It is such a pleasure to have the experience of walking her through a crowd of dogs and know that she will be dependably good natured.  It has been miraculous to watch her reponses to other dogs not as good natured as she is and to see her not take their bad humor personally but to dismiss it as their bad day, always forgiving and moving on.  She is consistently calm and sweet while meeting new people and welcomes the curiousity of children with great gentleness.

Mollie lived up to our dreams and expectations one weekend in July 2010 by completing her championship with a solid sweep.  At the Dallas, TX three day show, Mollie took WB and BOW all three days for two three-point majors and a four-point major.  It was very exciting and couldn't have been more fun.  Best of all, Mollie seemed to get her mojo back after struggling with her usual enjoyment for the show environment.  She went on to be her usual happy, showy self after finishing her championship and seemed to relish the Best of Breed routine, even earning nod for Best of Breed over the top dogs in the country.  After competing for a healthy run in the Breed ring, proving her quality as the number one Owner-Handler Mastiff in the country in 2013, Mollie now enjoys a relaxing and spoiled retirement with trips back to the ring when showing as a Veteran is warranted.  When she sets foot back in the ring, she literally smiles and makes those around her smile with her.

Mollie's Pedigree And Health Testing

                                                                                              Ch Oaklane's This Bud's For Us

                                                         Ch Meadowfarm Madrygal's Laird Caber

                                                                                              Ch Bel Aire Sandpebble 

                         GCh Wynwood's BC Spot At The Top

                                                                                               Ch Serendipity Greiner Axel

                                                         Ch Wynwood's Kissed By An Angel

                                                                                               Ch Windy Mt Wings Of An Angel

Ch Wynwood's KS Yellow Rose Of Texas


                                                                                               Ch Serendipity Greiner Axel

                                                         Ch Wynwood's Legend Of Marcy Mtn

                        Ch River's Edge Kismet At Wynwood

                                                                                               PJ's Samson Gard

                                                         Shy Annes English Dream

                                                                                              Bailees English Dream

Health Testing:  DNA Profile #V588693


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