Minnie - GCHB Lazy D-Bluebonnet's Magic Kingdom

November 9, 2016 -

Minnie had, you guessed it, Minnie Mouse on her neck ribbon when the litter was born.  When we kept her, we couldn't bring ourselves to change it.  As one would expect, approaching maturity, Minnie is anything but mini.

I knew from the beginning that Minnie was special but I found myself drawn to one of the other girls for the simple reason that she reminded me of the litter's remarkable grandmother, GCHS Lazy D's Bonnie Blue.  We would have kept the other girls if not for a well timed remark by a good friend whose advice I respect.  He said to me, "This girl might be as beautiful as Bonnie, but what if Minnie is even better?"  I knew instantly that Minnie was the one.

Minnie was always a steady and happy puppy.  Not much ruffled her.  She took to showing like a duck to water.  Even when she didn't win, people couldn't help but notice her.  From the beginning, she met our lofty expectations and fulfilled our dreams.  She wasn't shown as frequently as some of our dogs at the same ages, but she won more often than not and finished her AKC CH at the tender age of 10 months.  The day after finishing, she went on to beat the rest of the specials by taking Best of Breed her first day as a new CH, including beating one of our boys who had gotten a Group 3 the day before from the same judge.

Then, with not much more showing, Minnie worked her way straight through the points and finished her GCH in very short order.  Since then, she has shown a handful of times and is points away from her GCH(Bronze).  In the year and half since finishing her GCH, Minnie has taken Best of Breed multiple times over top 5 ranked specials and placed repeatedly in the Owner Handler groups.  At the National Specialty in 2018, Minnie was awarded Select Bitch behind the beautiful bitch who won the breed.  Both at the 2018 National and the 2019 National, Minnie was the 1st Runner-Up in the Tournament of Champions.  At the 2019 Regional preceding the National, Minnie was recognized with an Award of Merit.

At home, Minnie quietly goes through the day as a steady and calm influence.  She enjoys the company of the other dogs but is happiest just being close to her people.  I'm pretty sure her idea of her best life would be if she could spend all day, every day at my side, no matter where I went.  

As a young bitch, Minnie still has a lot of show-life ahead of her and the future is bright for this sweet, easy-going and happy girl.

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