Cosmo - LazyD-Bluebonnets Guardian Of The Galaxy

Cosmo came back to us when he was just slightly over a year old.  He had ended up in an unfortunate circumstance where he found himself feeling the need to be the alpha and was completely unprepared.  His response, like most dogs, was to approach managing life from a place of fear.  That's a very sad place for a dog to be, and the behaviors that result can have harmful outcomes.  We were happy to bring Cosmo home before anything serious happened and begin evaluating his state of mind.

It didn't take long before we realized Cosmo just didn't want to have to be in charge.  Once he realized he didn't have to be, his behavior began to improve.  With careful introductions, Cosmo now loves people and once he accepts someone into his circle, he remembers them always. 

Cosmo absolutely loves his jolly ball and plays for as long as we let him in the back yard, throwing the ball vigorously overhead and playing soccer.  For a huge dog, he is incredibly agile.  He once chased a squirrel down the 6ft fence, running on his rear legs only, without touching the fence with his front feet.  He is very talkative and wants to be sure you are listening, even at less opportune times.  He particularly likes to carry on conversations with Phil and the two together can be incorrigible.

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