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Chuckwagon - Hancock's Lair O' The Bear


Chuckwagon March 14, 2006 -

Chuckwagon was one of eleven puppies.  He was the last puppy and the largest. When the puppies were small, Phil and I decided that because Jake was so helpful in the care of the dogs, he should be able to keep a puppy of his own.  (Doesn't every boy deserve a puppy?)  Jake's choice was Chuckwagon.  Since Chuck was eight weeks old, the two have spent hours together cuddling, playing, watching TV, even playing video games.  At night, Chuckwagon sleeps at Jake's bedside, helping ease a mother's ever-present concern for her son's safety.

Chuckwagon has a very laid back, easy going personality.  Not much ruffles him.  He loves visitors once he's done his Mastiff duty and woofed at them.  Chuckwagon is a homebody and although he enjoys selected field trips, he is happiest settled at home in his corner in the kitchen.   With Jake assigned to his deployment in Okinawa, Chuck has decided that it is his place in the family to keep an eye and ear on Grandpa.  He is often found "snoozing" (with one eye open) underneath the window in Grandpa's office.  Doing what mastiffs do best, Chuckwagon makes a great "baby monitor" of sorts.  He can be depended on to come find us if he perceives that anything is amiss. 

Chuckwagon's Pedigree

                                                                                                Ch. Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon

                                                         Ch. Pegasus Southpaw Bear Rug

                                                                                              Ch. Ms Buffington Lady of Shadow


                        Chinafarm Tinwagon


                                                                                              Ch. Beauregard's Sweet Boy

                                                         Chinafarm Ms'Behavin

                                                                                              Ch. China Farm Poison Ivy


Hancock's Lair O' The Bear


                                                                                              Grandviews Amazin Royal

                                                         King George of Aurora

                                                                                              Brandy's Slobberchops Alexandr


                        Hancock's Bear Essentials


                                                                                              Moonshines No Bull Dozer

                                                         Peppermint Patty

                                                                                              Quail Court's Chocolate Delight



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