? 1999 - November 20, 2006

Cargo came into our lives when Phil and I stopped by a local shelter in Denver to make a donation of blankets and towels.  We casually strolled through the kennels, trying not to be overwhelmed by all the sweet and sad faces.  Then, magically, there he was.  A brief visit in one of the adoption rooms and we were hooked.  Cargo stood up, put both front feet on Phil's shoulders and looked him square in the eye.  Phil simply said, "I have to have this dog.".  We took him home and life was never the same - it was better.

Cargo was a gift that kept on giving.  He was a teacher, a protector, a baysitter, a sideline cheerleader, a foot warmer and a friend.  Cargo taught us what it was to not only love a Mastiff, but to understand what it truly was to love a dog.  He showed us how enriching it could be to have a genuine connection with your dog and know them as a friend, not merely as a pet.  He taught us that love is universal and once the lessons are learned, they can apply to anyone or anything.  Because of the blessing of having Cargo find his way to us, we have lives today that are much richer and more rewarding through our fulfilling love for Mastiffs.  Because of what Cargo started, we continue to learn, to love, and to enjoy these magnificent creatures. 

We will remember you always, sweet Cargo!


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