Camo - Ch Bluebonnet Lazy D's Got You Covered

January 21, 2015 -

Camo originally left us at eight weeks of age to live with our friend and his sire's breeder, Nancy Walker.  Unfortunately, due to some unanticipated circumstances, Nancy asked if he could come back to us around his first birthday so that we could show him and finish his AKC
Championship.  We showed Camo the weekend he came back to us, with no ring experience, and he performed like a trooper.  From then on, he made quick work of his Championship and earned enough points to complete the requirements by the time he was eighteen months old.
Since that day, Camo has settled back in as an integral member of the family.  He is easy going and cheerful with a little bit of the trouble maker about him, but always with good nature.  He adores his people and wants to constantly watch to see what they are doing.  He can be gentle when warranted but keep up with the rough and tumble play when someone can give him a run for his money.
He is a tall boy, measuring somewhere around 33 inches, and is maturing slowly.  He has the most beautiful movement I have seen in a Mastiff in a while, from the side and coming and going.  Although he is well on his way to earning his GCh, Camo is not a fan of the show ring and far prefers to be a happy boy at home.

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