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Bevo - Ch Bluebonnet's MC Texas Longhorn

March 30, 2012 -


Bevo is one of those dogs that makes an impression on people when they meet him and is not easily forgotten afterward.  Often, it's the obvious feature that makes him memorable - his size.  However, frequently it is other traits that make him the topic of conversation - his beautiful head, his perceptive eyes, his wicked sense of humor, and too often, his intelligence. We didn't plan on keeping a boy from Mollie's first litter but when Bevo hit eight weeks, we realized that the perfect home had to come along or we had to keep him.  The perfect home never came along.

Bevo is a beautiful young dog, already championed, and hanging out at home to grow and mature into what we believe will be a remarkable mastiff.  He is approximately 225-230 lbs, 31-32 inches, with thick bone and a beautiful light fawn coat and dark mask. 

As beautiful as Bevo is, it's his intelligence that gains people's respect.  Phil and I swear he understands conversation.  As a natural Alpha, we manage the other intact dogs with care so that no one dog has to take a stand to define their place in the pack.  When we go to let the other dogs out, all we have to do is tell Bevo what we're doing and he quietly goes and sits on "his" loveseat, waiting for the other dogs to come or go as necessary.  If one of the other dogs walks past the loveseat, Bevo is careful to turn his gaze so as not to make the other dog feel challenged. 

My favorite story about Bevo's intelligence began when he was approximately 15-16 months old.  One afternoon, Phil went looking for Bevo when he realized he hadn't seen him in quite a while.  Phil called and called, went out to the back yard and called and searched every bush.  Still no Bevo.  As a last resort, Phil decided to check Jake's room, which had been closed off ever since he had shipped out to his new duty station in Okinawa.  The door was closed as usual but Phil went in to check anyway.  There, on the bed, under the fan, lay Bevo.  He had opened the closed door, flipped the light switch on to turn on the fan, closed the door behind himself and crawled up on the bed for a comfy nap.  It wasn't a fluke because not long afterward, he did it again.

To this day, I can carry on a conversation with Bevo and I would swear he understands every word.  That isn't to say that he heeds what I say (he is a mastiff, after all) but I know he understands.  And when he talks, I know he looks at me like I'm not too bright since I can't make out what he's saying without a little game of "Elimination."  It's a good thing he loves and respects his mother, Mollie.  She can read him like a book and is always one step ahead when he gets some crazy idea in his head about misbehaving.


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