And I Thought It Had Been A While.....

Posted on October 27, 2011 at 7:25 PM

Whew!  I knew I hadn't posted to this blog for a good long time but I didn't realize exactly how long.  Please forgive me for being remiss.

Let's see...  What all has happened in the past months?

We were very proud of the show dogs this summer.  First, in July, Mollie finished her AKC Championship in a big way.  Mollie swept the three day weekend in Dallas with WB/BOW for three majors and her title.  Since then, over four weekends, she has met all but one criteria and lacks only 10 points toward her Grand Championship.

We took both Mollie and Kodi to the Monroe, LA show over Labor Day weekend and had each of them show two of the four days.  They both took Best of Breed both days they were entered - and Kodi achieved his Grand Championship.  He is now enjoying the life of a semi-retired show dog.  I say "semi-retired" because he will continue to show at select shows when warranted.

Stetson also had a great weekend at the Monroe show.  He took WD/BOW two of the four days.  He also earned Best Puppy honors and represented himself well in groups and earned placements both days.  He also placed in the the fun match groups.  Since then, he has continued to earn points and is well on the road to earning his AKC Championship.

At home, the dogs are all well.  We are finally settled in here in Denton and enjoying returning to the more active lifestyle of being in the city.  We have established a couple of walking routines and are resuming a schedule.  Both ourselves and the dogs are improving our physical conditioning.  Now that November is just around the corner and I begin to hear the jingle bell sound in commercials on the t.v., the dogs are enjoying cooler temperatures.  This past summer we experienced record hot weather and the dogs spent most of their summer napping in the house.  Now, they can finally lounge around on the back patio or roll in the grass and knaw on the twigs Jake's been trimming off the trees and bushes.  Their evening walks have been absolutely beautiful for the last two or three weeks.

So...  life goes on.  Life is good.  I have to admit a certain amount of sadness surfacing with the season change as I associate it with the impact of Nellie's illness this time last year and approaching the anniversary of saying goodbye.  She was such a large part of our lives that her absence is felt dramatically even now.  It is always a comfort to come home and be greeted so enthusiastically by the crew.  Stetson and Mollie's unabashed joy at my return from work is very comforting and Kodi's quiet assumption of his place in my heart helps fill the void left by Nellie.  Gumby is so frequently a reflection of his mother than I can't help but cherish his sweet nature and Chuckwagon's steadfast, unconditional love reminds me of Nellie's focused devotion. 

People often ask how I can own dogs with a shorter than average lifespan.  Fortunately, Mastiffs lives aren't as short as many imagine.  However, I explain that as difficult as it is to lose one, the love of others always pulls me through.  Years ago, I came to the realization that although I feel my loss of each one of these amazing creatures very deeply, having them allows me to get to know many souls - each as remarkable and irreplaceable as any other.  So, even as I lost Nellie last year, I gained Stetson.  I appreciate each and every day with the goofy boy and when the day finally comes to say goodbye to him, I know in my heart that there will be others to help ease my grief and pull me through. 

With that, I think I'll go snuggle with my "kids" and enjoy a quiet, rainy fall evening.  My hope for you is that you have a four legged critter to snuggle up with and love on as well.

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