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Posted on January 13, 2015 at 4:10 PM

Although my last post was a sad one and quite a while ago, the wait has been worth it.  We are excited to let the proverbial "cat out of the bag."  Mollie and McGee are expecting babies January 21st!


Phil and I spent a great deal of time soul searching, trying to decide what was best for Mollie.  Although we would have been sad not to have another litter of puppies with her, what was paramount to us was what would be best for Mollie.  As she began to hint that she was coming in to season again in November, it became abundantly clear that Mollie was determined that she wanted to have babies again.


Now, don't ask me what it was she did specifically to tell us.  I can't even begin to describe detailed changes in behavior or attitude.  Anyone who truly loves and connects with their dog can understand when we say, "Mollie just told us!."  Both Phil and I came to the realization independantly of each other and then, one day, one of us mentioned that we felt that was what she was trying very hard to tell us.  The other immediately agreed that they had felt it, too.


Since we actually did the breeding with the help of our wonderful vet, Mollie has been completely happy.  Although, at this late stage of pregnancy, she reminds me of myself along around eight months with the uncomfortable breathing and difficulty finding comfortable positions, she is clearly a very happy girl.  From her, I am able to take the lead and feel at ease about these puppies.  I had worried I would be overwhelmed with stress and worry.  Mollie doesn't leave room for that.  She is confident.


So, we will try to keep things current and keep anyone interested posted.  Feel free to email us directly if you have any questions or just want to be kept in the loop.


And please, say lots of prayers!  A soul can never have too many - be it human or canine, young, old, or as yet, unborn.  And....   Happy New Year!

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