Spring Has Sprung!

Posted on April 13, 2014 at 8:35 PM

(Deep Breath!) I don't know about anyone else, but I am thrilled that Spring is here.  It has been a challenging winter for many of us across the country.  I moved 900+ miles five years ago just to get away from the cold and snow, so, the warmer temperatures are right up my alley.

With Spring come babies - all kinds of babies.  We are excited to be contemplating the birth of some new Bluebonnet Mastiff babies in mid-June.  Mollie was bred this past week to an absolutely beautiful, sweet tempered boy named Stegman.  Both have had great successes in the ring but what makes them and this breeding so special is the incredible temperament they both possess.  For more information on the breeding, please visit our "Breedings" page, 

It has been two years since we've had puppies - longer than intended, but, like everyone else, life seems to get in the way sometimes.  Since it has been so long, both Phil and I have a craving for puppy breath.  If it didn't feel like bad karma, we would already have the whelping room all set up and ready to go.  However, in the hopes that we won't jinx ourselves, we will have a little patience and wait until puppies are confirmed with an ultrasound half way through the pregnancy.  If you are interested in this breeding, please complete the puppy questionnaire located on the Documents page and send it via email or snail mail.

Since my last entry, our pack has undergone some change.  In December, we lost Gumby.  It was a horrific shock to Phil and myself.  We had always thought that, of the three brothers, Gumby would live the longest.  We never expected him to be first.  Unfortunately, in early December, Gumby began to quit eating and grow weak and lethargic.  A visit to the vet with some lab work drawn and some pathology performed revealed that Gumby had hemangiosarcoma.  Phil and I understood the prognosis and took Gumby home with the medications provided for his comfort.  Shortly before Christmas, we made the difficult but kindest decision to say goodbye.  To this day, Phil and I each continue to think we see him in the yard with the others and go to call him before, sadly, reality sets in.  We cherish each day we continue to have with his brothers, Kodi and Chuckwagon, who celebrated their 8th birthday in March.

Bevo, Brady, and McGee have all "grown up." Although they will continue to mature over the next couple of years, they are two now (In McGee's case, almost two) and mostly grown.  All three are large, beefy, typey dogs.  I like to equate Brady with the class cheerleader - always happy and ready to play/party.  McGee is more reserved, but when in his own comortable environment, is a complete goofball.  Bevo is a natural alpha, conceding authority only to his mother, Mollie.  But, he's also a gentle soul and very intelligent, thank goodness.  After a few discussions (literally) about the hierarchy in the pack, he clearly understands expectations.  However, as any mastiff should be, he is gentle and affectionate to all friends and visitors.

The rest of the crew continues the thrive.  They love the new home and will love it better when we actually get the kennel room built.  Thanks goodness we now have a place where we can live with our dogs and still keep Phil's dad safe from accidental bumps or crowding.

Happy Spring to you all!  We hope to see most of you soon, at shows or other gatherings where we can visit.

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