Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 1:15 PM

We are beyond excited to have ten new little mastiff babies in the house!  On January 21st, we welcomed six females and four males - all fawn.  Mollie and babies are all doing well.

We took Mollie in on her due date for the requisite progesterone test to see if delivery was imminent.  Phil went to run errands after the lab draw and we were both a little surprised that her progesterone had dropped so low, indicating that she was in, or going to be in labor, at any minute.  We met back at the veterinarian's office where they began to get Mollie prepped. 

It was a very busy day for Dr Esmond and his staff.  They had just completed a c-section for 10 beautiful Golden Retriever pups and we were to be next.  However, there was a more pressing situation with a Weimeraner bitch and they took her to the operating room before us.  Mollie waited patiently amidst the flurry of activity but it became apparent that she was clearly laboring away.

When it was our turn, we took Mollie back to the operating room, initiated her anesthesia and got her prepped and draped.  It was Dr Coritaus' surgical day, so she came in and began the exciting delivery of our beautiful babies.

Thanks goodness for great friends.  We had four experienced mastiff friends with Phil and me and it took all of us backing up the busy staff to jump start and monitor the new mastiff pups.  Fortunately, all did well, and a few hours later we were safely on the way home.

Although the last 2 1/2 weeks have been sleepless, and Phil and I feel like walking zombies, we have thoroughly enjoyed bringing this little family along day by day.  We have two little girls that appeared to be a little younger developmentally, but both have gotten their feet on the ground.  The little girl who seemed the most behind is catching up more and more every day.  The entire clan eats like crazy and at weigh in last night, one boy already weighs over 6 lbs!!! (That's a lot, for those of you without a frame of reference.)

This weekend, we will begin the weaning process and life will take on a more manageable rhythm.  Once we eliminate the middle of the night feeding, I think Phil and I will begin to get back to normal - somewhat.  It always seems that, once the pups are weaned, we trade feeding time for clean-up time.  Still, even with all the work and demands for attention, we thoroughly enjoy these little characters and love getting to know each one's individual personality.  They are blossoming into mastiffs before our very eyes - their eyes have opened, their heads are taking on the distinctive shape of a mastiff, and they are practicing their puppy behaviors now that they can see each other to "chase" around the whelping box.

Stay tuned!

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